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It is our birthright to live from inner freedom.

Take it back!

Freedom is the highest value of human life. 

'Man' as a 'social animal' has the ability to consciously invent large and small stories that fellow human beings attach to and believe in. In this way, the fellow man is not only connected to an intensively cooperating whole of individuals, but also gives meaning to existence for the individual. This makes us existentially dependent on how we think others see us, and that in doing so we – under painful emotions – adapt ourselves to others in our quest for social recognition and status. As a result, the identity of the person crumbles and she is ultimately completely deprived of his individuality. The human being is then made into an object, programmed in function of goals that lie outside the person. One is relegated to a utensil or a negotiating object. Our human defence mechanism will alert us by the emergence of physical and psychological discomfort and a feeling of unease. Then all that remains for us to do is survive. Our activated self-regulation system allows us to 'escape' from the story by 'freezing' our emotions and individuality or pretending that they are 'dead'. We are then completely detached from who we are and have given up our inner freedom. 


Our ability to be self-aware of our thinking, our emotional and physical perception, the meaning we give to it and thus our actions and to self-regulate them while maintaining individuality in the social environment transforms us from 'social animals' to humans.


Self-conscious self-regulation keeps us grounded, attuned, and focused. It keeps us in balance. The person who is self-aware and self-regulates has a fairly good understanding of how her mental representation works and where bodily reactions come from and how to deal with them. She has explored the reasons why she thinks, feels and behaves as she does, she accepts them and commits to action when necessary. This doesn't mean that the self-conscious self-regulating person has necessarily jettisoned all of her own personal problems and baggage, but she's at a point where they don't control her life.

Our services & programs

In order to live in inner freedom, we work together on the further development of your self-regulation, the point where the real change takes place. The work is aimed at allowing you to take a role in society while maintaining your individuality. We offer you the insights and skills you need to work from your own strength towards balance and well-being in your life.


Individual & group work

Sessions that are specifically tailored to the needs of the client or group.

Systemic work

The social network as support is of great importance in one's life. That is why there are sessions specifically aimed at family, partners and working relationships.

Community building

Because human development is not possible without community, there are sessions specifically aimed at creating an environment of cooperation and self-organization.


Others about their experiences

Andre is a convincing psychosocial counselor who dares to use insights and experiences from his own life. This makes him an inspiring and leading person.
- Tessa -

Andre is flexible and improvising. He adapts what the process in the group requires, always from a connected point of view and with care for all attendees.
- Dina -

Andre listens, creates trust and a safe environment in which people dare to take steps, outside their comfort zone.
- Petra -

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