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Often a feeling of unease and physical and psychological complaints does not only come about a combination of causes that are expressed in conjunction. Factors that play a role in this are: constitution as an organism, heredity, personality, coping style, trauma, upbringing, development and environment.

Psyche, body and environment are a functional unit

Cognitive work and Psycho-education


Events themselves do not give people negative feelings and a certain pattern of behavior, but the meaning we give to them. Those who learn to interpret these negative thoughts differently will get a more objective view of their own feelings and perceptions. This can make negative feelings disappear and the behavior will change.


Cognitive work focuses on becoming aware of dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs, emotions and attitudes about yourself and the world around you, to interpret events and give them meaning, to accept them and to convert them so that feelings and behaviors can be adjusted. ​


Psycho-education not only helps to become aware and understand the problem, but also to be able to agree with every step in the guidance on the basis of good information and to participate in the decision-making about self-management and actively working on one's own recovery.

Experiential work


Experiential work is person- or group-oriented and not exclusively complaint- or symptom-oriented. Complaints are seen in conjunction with the whole person or group, his situation and background. It helps to become self-aware of emotions, thoughts and behavior in connection with one's own situation and history by living through them and giving them new meaning. One gets to know oneself, learns to use one's own possibilities and to deal with limitations, so that symptoms disappear. ​


Supporting resources that are used for this are focus, breathwork, bodywork, systemic work, expressive work and nature.

Ondersteunend werk


Sometimes it is difficult to focus and be self-aware of your own unconscious thinking, looking and feeling and there is benefit from support for increased mental concentration, body relaxation and sensitivity to be able to interpret these. Hypnosis or self-hypnosis can help you with this. This state of light trance can also help you to become more aware of your environment in which you live and work and to make others feel comfortable and safe.


In addition, we use supporting substances that provide insight into the connection of psyche and body. The Bio-Well is used for assessments. The Bio-Well gives a visual assessment of your health through modern Kirilian images and shows how the body deals with stress and adapts. It gives insight into what is happening in your body at that moment. A full report of the findings shall be made available.


Programs transcend 'services' and offer integrated work of psychosocial support and personal development.

Return to ourselves

This program gives people full permission — perhaps for the first time in their lives — to be who they really are. By exposing our conditioned dysfunctional thoughts, feelings and behaviors and giving them new meaning, we get the chance to become a free person again and take control of our own lives.

Know yourself

This program helps people develop their ability to be self-aware of their emotional and physical perception and the meaning they give to it while maintaining individuality so that they can act consciously and freely in the social environment.

Who do you want to be

This program gives people the space to give direction and shape to their own lives from inner freedom.

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