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If you don't take responsibility for your own life, who will take it for you? You then know for sure that you are giving away your own strength and power over your own life to someone else. It is therefore essential for you to realize that you yourself have the key to your future.

The art of a self-conscious life



People are more than just conscious, they are self-aware. Consciousness is being aware of one's body and one's environment; self-awareness is the recognition of that consciousness - not only understanding that one exists, but further understanding that one is aware of one's existence. Another way to imagine this is: being aware is thinking; to be self-aware is to realize that you are a thinking, feeling and acting being and thinking about your thoughts, your feelings and actions, the meaning you give to them and the feeling you have about them. ​


Self-awareness is a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Self-awareness allows you to understand other people, how they see you, your attitude and your reactions to it and how you can consciously deal with it.

Self regulation

Self-regulation involves influencing cognitive, emotional and motivational processes and the regulation of behaviour. The emphasis is on the development of executive functions and regulation of developmental trauma's. These enable us to influence ourselves, and therefore our behavior, better and better. Self-talk, self-control, self-awareness and the ability to evaluate and regulate emotions and motivations are important examples of this. This allows us to achieve complex goals more effectively – with other people. It also clarifies how problems in development and daily life can become manifest.


The emphasis is on the link between self-regulation and psychological problems. Self-regulation contributes to personal and social recovery, self-management, own strength and taking control of your own life.


By taking control of your own life or the result of a community, you are able to maintain your individuality taking into account your own strengths and weaknesses, interests, values and ambitions. ​


Self-reliant and collaborative communities are therefore no longer about groups and the government involving citizens in its policies, but about the citizens themselves in their specific role as builders of society as the most important players in the public domain.

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